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Welcome to the dedicated space, where you’ll find valuable insights and information to help you spot signs of osteoarthritis in your dog, and all you need to know to help them live their happiest, healthiest lives!

To help guide owners through the signs to look out for, and giving practical tips to how to delay, identify, and manage life with osteoarthritis.

dog looking up with an A tag on their neck

What is arthritis?

Arthritis often affects dogs early on in life and progresses over time. It’s a common condition that causes pain, inflammation and reduced mobility in every breed and any age of dog. The earlier arthritis is diagnosed and treated, the longer your dog will remain active and comfortable.

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Welcome to Arthritis Aware blog, where you'll find valuable insights and information to help your dog combat arthritis and live their longest, happiest and healthiest lives.

Diagnosis and care plan

Find out how a vet diagnoses arthritis and all of the treatment options available.